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Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 home or premium software are quite the compliment for anyone that is interested in typing more but physically typing less.  Never before has it been so easy for anyone to get so much done using Wordpress or to complete documents without the physicality of manual typing.  Dragon interactive software allows users to type more through speech interaction via the software to increase their workload and be more efficient.

Having the ability to turn your thoughts into words on paper without actually having to type them is a benefit.  With the Dragon software all you have to do is speak and your words instantly appear on your computer screen.  There is no need to prepare pen and paper to prepare your thoughts.  There is no need to physically spend the effort to write down your thoughts anymore.  The Dragon has simplified this matter into something that is easier and more productive.

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It has been said that we speak 3 times faster than we write.  This is already proof of how the Dragon Naturally Speaking software works and can assist writers in their daily writing tasks. You can now create more documents or emails so much more faster now.  All you have to do is communicate to your computer and it will deliver what you say.

The problem with other speech recognition software is the typos and errors that come through translation problems.  This has always been a turn off with speech recognition software because it creates more work than it does making our lives easier.  With the Dragon 11 there is a claimed 99 percent accuracy rate as you speak.  It has the ability to learn your writing and speaking style so it can tailor your word choices.  Compared to Dragon 10 the Dragon 11 has improved its recognition errors by 15 percent.

Not only will Dragon 11 prepare your documents but it will also control your computer.  You can set you pc up to take commands from the software.  There are commands such as email creation, appointment scheduling, web search, and more that will simply do whatever you say.  This opens up the door for users to multitask more and take advantage of more free time to do something else.


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Www.GetDragon.Com – Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 Software Reviews

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This article was published on 2010/12/08